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About Us

Weighed In is an independent, non-judgmental mobile service for horse owners. Our goal is to support horse owners in getting and keeping their equine friends at a healthy weight. Inputting accurate data into our own company designed online tracking portal we enable owners to see if their management practices are working. Kelly will work with you to understand what works for your horse and discuss management practices that she see's making a real difference. Contact us to learn more about our services.

  • Fully insured

  • Annually calibrated bridge

  • DBS Enhanced checked with safeguarding

  • BETA Associate Member 

What we do 

Each visit your horse will get our self designed W.H.a.T measurement. A weigh using our purpose built mobile horse weigh platform, a resting heart rate and a rectal temperature reading. A height measurement is also included. We visit yards, and also have an educational portfolio for Pony Club and clinics. 

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